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ANUBIS: Antarctic Network of Unattended Broadband Seismometers
Sridhar Anandakrishnan
Dept. of Geosciences
Penn State University
ANUBIS network map
ANUBIS network map
System Solar icon Wind icon Battery icon Small solar/wind and battery storage system for year-round polar data collection.
Location The ANUBIS seismometers are centered at 80S, 135W in West Antarctica. Five sites, covering 500 square kilometers, are located on the Siple Coast and in central West Antarctica.
Description "The goal of the Antarctic Network of Unattended Broadband Seismometers Project is to deploy a network of a dozen seismometers that will record data throughout the year. Half the stations will be at existing Automated Geophysical Observatory (AGO) sites in East Antarctica and half will be at sites in West Antarctica that are powered by wind- and solar-energy. These data will fill a huge lacuna in the global seismic dataset and provide valuable new information about the Antarctic crust and mantle structure." Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Small solar and wind-powered units are powering five sites for year-round data collection for imaging the ice and upper crustal structure of West Antarctica.

Project: http://www.geosc.psu.edu/~sak/Anubis/
Technical: http://www.geosc.psu.edu/~sak/Anubis/tech.html
Schematic http://www.geosc.psu.edu/~sak/Anubis/tech-map.html
Data Measure local seismicity and ice flow using seismometers. Collect broadband seismic data throughout the year.
Comms Data is stored on-site and is down loaded by changing disks annually.