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Camp Raven Renewable Energy System
Tracy Dahl
Polar Field Services
Partner in CH2M Hill Polar Services

Camp Raven
Camp Raven with DYE II in the backkground
System Solar icon Wind icon Battery iconPhotovoltaic/wind hybrid with battery back-up.
Location Raven is located on the Greenland ice cap just below the Arctic Circle (66 29.789 N, 46 17.095 W).
Description Goal is to meet all operational energy requirements of the camp, which serves as a training facility for the New York Air National Guard (NYANG) from late April through mid-August and provides a limited amount of scientific support to arctic researchers with two year-round autonomous instrument stations.
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Data Power system supports camp infrastructure only. No system performance or scientific data are logged or communicated.
Comms System powers camp communications infrastructure (HF and Iridium voice/data with telex back-up) but not transfer of scientific data.