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Greenland Climate Network
Professor Konrad Steffen
CIRES Ekeley Building, S264
Boulder, CO 80309-0216

System Solar icon Battery icon Solar with battery storage for multi-year operation between visits.
Location Twenty stations covering the Greenland ice sheet
Description Assess the daily annual and inter-annual variability in accumulation rate, surface climatology and energy balance at selected locations on the Greenland ice sheet. Sites are highly sensitive to ice sheet mass balance and will be compared to climate abnormalities predicted from modeling results. Total network of 20 autonomous weather stations located across the Greenland ice sheet each measuring 32 parameters for hourly transmission. Each site is powered by solar panels and power is stored in batteries.
See http://www.vecopolar.com/Files/PDFs/GLAWSNetwork.pdf for map and full description.
Data All-wave radiation balance
Short-wave incoming and reflected radiation
Profiles of temp, hum, wind, wind dir
Acoustic snow heights sensors (2x)
Snow temp profile to 10 m depth (10x)
Battery voltage
Statistics (temp max/min, wind max)
Comms Hourly average
Daily transmissions of hourly data via GOES Satellite
Final storage on site for 2 years