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Noatak Tree Growth Monitor
Dr. Patrick Sullivan

Noatak research site
Location Northern Alaska at latitudinal tree line along the Agashoskok River in the Noatak National Preserve, 95 kilometers Northeast of Kotzebue, Alaska.
Description "The central goal of this project is to improve our understanding of the controls on tree growth at the latitudinal treeline in northern Alaska."

This study, which determines the factors limiting tree growth, e.g., water, nutrients, employs an autonomous data acquisition and relay system gathering meteorological, soil condition, and system health data hourly and relaying daily the information via Iridium satellite to home.

See also http://paddy.uaa.alaska.edu/noatak/noatak.html
System Solar with battery storage. Autonomous data acquisition and storage via Campbell Scientific CR1000 data logger and data transfer via Iridium modem. Visit http://polar.sri.com/datalogger for system description and data.
The system was designed by SRI International, Polar Field Services, and a group of seniors from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts. Please contact for a complete description of the system.
Data Air temperature, Precipitation, Solar irradiance,
Wind speed, Relative humidity
Soil temperature, Soil moisture
Battery voltage, PV panel voltage, Enclosure temperature
Comms Daily transmission of data packets via Iridium satellite modem to server for archiving and web display.