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Syowa Station
Kenji Ishizawa
Logistics Section
National Institute of Polar Research
10-3, Midori-cho
Tachikawa City, Tokyo 190-8515

Photovoltaic panels at Syowa Station
Photovoltaic panels at Syowa
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Solar wall installed on building
Power System panel
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System Solar icon Solar
Location Syowa Station, Dronning Maud Land (69° 00' S and 39° 35' E)
Description Photovoltaic panels

The first PV panels were installed in 1997. Panels with a capacity of 10 kW, together with a Power Conditioning Subsystem that functions as a DC-AC converter and grid-connect with the diesel generator were installed. The grid connection with the diesel generator started in April 1998. More PV panels were installed every year after that. Installation was complete in the 2001/2002 season. Presently, there is PV capacity of 55 kW. The PV panels head north, 60°east and 60°west from true north. This array has been adopted because the total electricity obtained is more and the cost is lower than north-direction array of 50kW p anels. The annual total energy produced is about 44,000 kWh (annual mean is 5 kW), which corresponds to about 3% of total electric generation at Syowa Station.

Solar wall

Air- type solar collectors for warming the inside of building were installed on the north and east sides' wall panels of a workshop in 2001. The solar collector consists of an intake fan that is powered by a 22W PV and a collector panel of 1.1 m2. The energy obtained from the system is estimated as 86,318 MJ per year.

Solar collector

A solar collector with evacuated glass tubes was introduced to rise the water temperature in the tank of the summer accommodation lodge. The capacity of the system is 324,000 kcal per day, that could rise the water temperature from zero to 30 ?. The warm water is boosted by a hot water boiler and used for heating rooms.

Aerial view of solar collector

For more details on Syowa station: http://www.nipr.ac.jp/english/r_groups/t05_alpre.html