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Government and Nonprofit

Wind icon Atlantic Wind Test Site Located on the North Cape of Prince Edward Island, Canada, this test site has been running wind turbines through their paces since 1980. Good information and lots of pertinent links.
icon engine Hydro icon Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon EnergiePortal Founded in 2006 to foster interest in energy innovations, particularly in the field of renewable energy, across individuals , businesses and governments.

Wind icon Environment Canada Atlas of Canadian Wind Energy Resources

Solar icon Wind icon The Federal Energy Management Program is a DOE initiative targeted at Federal Agencies but contains useful information for all of us.
Fuel cell icon Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI), a non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational organization formed to promote the development and early commercialization of fuel cells and related pollution-free, efficient energy generation, storage and utilization technologies and fuels.
Fuel cell icon Fuel Cells Canada is a non-profit, national industry association whose mission it is to accelerate Canada's world-leading fuel cell and hydrogen industry.

Solar icon The National Center for Photovoltaics is part of the Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).
Fuel cell icon National Fuel Cell Research Center The NFCRC was established at the University of California Irvine with the goal of both developing and transitioning to fuel cell power applications.

Wind icon National Renewable Energy Lab Wind Energy Resource Information Links to a number of Atlases, Maps, etc for wind resources throughout the US.

Solar icon Wind icon NOAA Climate Data for the US. Includes wind & solar info for a number of Alaska locations.

Solar icon The Photovoltaic Program at Sandia National Laboratory is a partnership with DOE. Contains an extensive discussion on grounding PV systems.

Solar icon Wind icon Solar Energy International Colorado based non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information on renewable energy and sustainable living. Offers courses on solar and wind power. Excellent 2004 publication, Photovoltaics: Design and Installation Manual.

Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon UNAVCO A non-profit, membership-governed consortium, that supports and promotes Earth science by advancing high-precision techniques for the measurement and understanding of deformation. UNAVCO also supports education to meet the needs of the community and the public. Besides providing GPS-related support to projects, much of their project work and experience is documented on their Website.
Fuel cell icon US Fuel Cell Council is an industry association dedicated to fostering the commercialization of fuel cells in the United States.  Its members include fuel cell developers, manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Wind icon Wind-Works.org  Paul Gipe's Wind Power Site is not really a non-profit, but not industry either. A site with lots of useful info and links by the author of Wind Power, the definitive reference on the subject.

Wind icon Wind Atlases of the World This site maintained by the Wind Energy Department of Denmark's Riso National Lab offers lots of northern European wind info, as well as one of the few global wind atlases I've found.
Hydro icon Wind icon Wind Powering America This is a subsection of the US Department of Energy's site devoted to wind and hydropower. "The Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program is leading the Nation's efforts to improve wind energy technology so that it can generate competitive electricity in areas with lower wind resources, and to develop new, cost-effective, advanced hydropower technologies that will have enhanced environmental performance and greater energy efficiencies."

Wind icon WindTurbines.Net This is the first social network for the wind turbine community, where the public and wind industry professionals can come together to get advice, share ideas, and network for career advancement.
Fuel cell icon World Fuel Cell Council has an objective is to promote the most rapid commercialisation of fuel cell technology worldwide.

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Industry and Vendors
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Hydro icon Solar icon Storage icon
Wind icon ABS Alaskan Fairbanks, AK based vendor of components and complete power systems. Knowledgeable staff with a lot of experience using RE in cold environments. Excellent web site with a lot of content beyond product descriptions.

Wind icon Abundant Renewable Energy North American distributor for the African Windpower turbine. This relative newcomer to the industry boasts heavy duty construction and a large swept area for power production in excess of its 900 watt rating.

Solar icon Altair Energy Provider of PV-based power system solutions.

Solar icon Storage icon
Wind icon Affordable Solar A vendor of solar and wind systems either as components or as complete systems. They also carry energy efficient appliances. A Learning Center has tutorial information and calculators to help design systems. They have state-by-state energy rebate information.
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Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Alaskan Wind Industries Provides wind turbines, turnkey solar packages, and medium to large generators for companies and rural communities.
Hydro icon Storage icon Wind icon Alternative Energy Store Exclusively an on-line store. Lots of RE related items and a fairly good library of information. They carry many other gizmos useful for creating power systems, including a wide range of DC/DC converters, and even a few dataloggers.
Hydro icon Storage icon Wind icon Alternative Energy Store Exclusively an on-line store. Lots of RE related items and a fairly good library of information. They carry many other gizmos useful for creating power systems, including a wide range of DC/DC converters, and even a few dataloggers.

Wind icon Ampair Manufacturer of small wind turbines, including the "Dolphin" vertical axis turbine for very low power requirements. Many polar applications with mixed results.

Wind icon Atlantic Orient Manufacturer of the AOC 15/50, a 50kw wind turbine suitable for polar installations.
Fuel cell icon Axane Developer of hydrogen fuel cells for portable, backup, and industrial applications. Their fuel cell provided power to the Ice Cap Expedition in 2002.
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Hydro icon Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Backwoods Solar Vendor of RE products. Good informational web site and catalog.
Fuel cell icon Ballard Power Systems offers fuel cell products to support a wide variety of power requirements for transportation, stationary, and portable applications.

Wind icon Bergey Wind Turbines 1kw to 50kw turbines and balance of system components that have been used successfully in many polar applications, and links to wind resource maps for the US and abroad.
Storage icon Bogart Engineering manufactures low-power battery monitoring systems.
Storage icon Concorde Battery Corporation Manufacturer of many types of batteries suitable for remote applications, including AGM and gel cell technologies
Storage icon DC Battery Specialists Vendor for a wide range of batteries.
Storage icon East Penn Manufacturing Manufacturer of the Deka brand of AGM and gel cell batteries. Also offers industrial AGM batteries for larger applications.
Storage icon Exide Technologies Manufacturer of several lines of batteries suitable for remote applications, including the "Absolyte" industrial AGM battery.

Wind icon Fortis Wind Energy Manufacturer of high performance stand alone and grid connected wind turbines in the range from 800 Watt up to 10 kW, suitable for polar installations.
Fuel cell icon Fuel Cell Store Vendor of demonstration, portable, and stationary fuel cells, as well as educational material.
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Gen-Set Co. Vendor for larger engine generators. Will custom build to specifications.

Wind icon Hornet Wind Turbines Manufacturer of a small wind turbine that may be suitable for remote research applications. (author has no direct experience with these units).
Fuel cell icon IdaTech A developer of fuel processors and integrated proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems. Systems range from 0.2- to 15 kW and are certifiable to CE, ANSI/FC-1, and NEBS Level 3 standards.

Wind icon LVM Wind Turbines A UK manufacturer of small wind turbines geared towards the yacht club set. May be applicable for use in the polar regions. Author has no personal experience with this product.
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Marathon Engine Systems Manufacturer of extreme duty, long lasting generators up to 5kw. Optional heat recovery for high efficiency.

Wind icon Marlec Engineering British manufacturer of small wind turbines. Many polar installations with reasonable success rate. Machines from 50 watts to 750 watts. Many polar installations.
Storage icon Maxwell Technologies Manufacturer of ultracapacitors for energy storage.
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Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Northern Arizona Wind and Sun An RE vendor with a wide range of products and a good informational web site

Wind icon Northern Power Systems Manufacturer of wind turbines from 3kw to 100kw. Numerous cold weather installations. Specializes in providing complete power packages.
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Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Northwest Power Co, LLC Supplier of renewable energy products, including a wide range of wind turbines.
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Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Polar Power Inc. Vendor for RE components, innovative DC engine generators, and complete remote power solutions. Very informative web site.

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Wind icon Sunpower manufactures solar electric power systems. Excellent PV-related links.
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Hydro icon Solar icon
Wind icon Remote Power Inc. Full-service vendor/installer for remote power systems. Located in Fairbanks, AK, and experienced in cold weather RE applications.
icon engine Fuel cell icon Hydro icon Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Renewable Energy Access Started in 1998 by a group of Renewable Energy professionals whose mission is to inform site visitors about the use of Renewable Energy worldwide and, in the process, assist with decision making when it comes to anything related to Renewable Energy. The site offers a free weekly e-newsletter and podcasts.
Fuel cell icon Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Sirius Integrator, Inc. Sirius Integrator is a 3 year old Sub-S Corporation in located in Fort Devens, Massachusetts focused on distributing and integrating off-grid remote power sub-500w solutions. They are the North American distributor of SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Solutions, Forgen Micro Wind Turbines, PowerFilm Rollable & Foldable Solar Panels, AIMs Inverter Chargers, GenaSun & Flexcharge Solar & Wind Charge Controllers, unique Semi-flexible Solar Power Plastic, and  enclosure systems.

Solar icon Solar Signals Canadian company specializing in PV solutions primarily for fixed site road signals, but also for powering telecommunications systems
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Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Solar Wind Works Vendor for renewable energy products. North American distributor for Proven wind turbines. Good informational web site.

Wind icon Southwest Windpower (Acquired by Xzeres Corp. in 2013) Manufacturer of the "Air" and "Whisper" lines of wind turbines. Also a distributor for the AOC 15/50. Sizes from 400 watts to 50kw. "Air Industrial" turbines have been installed in polar environments with mixed results.

Solar icon
SunWize Manufacturer of packaged remote power systems, with an emphasis on PV.
Fuel cell icon UltraCell Manufacturer of compact and portable power systems based on reformed methanol fuel cell technology. 25-W unit features hot-swappable methanol fuel cartridges.
Hydro icon

Water Turbine.com Manufacturer of a wide range of turbines suitable for many applications, including very low head models

Wind icon Windside Finnish manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines from 100 watts to 7.5kw. Strong, heavy design with virtually unlimited high wind speed survival. Sheds ice and snow well, but poor power to weight ratio. Many polar installations with a very good success rate.
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Hydro icon Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Windstream Power Systems Supplier of renewable energy products and complete remote power solutions.

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Books, Periodicals, Software
Storage icon Battery Power Products & Technology Magazine A ‘solutions-oriented’ magazine unveiling new power management products and offering insightful technical articles.
Fuel cell icon Fuel Cell Magazine This magazine serves managers and technical professionals involved in developing and applying fuel cell technologies worldwide.
Fuel cell icon Fuel Cell Today An on-line resource with articles, newsletters, reference material, and an industry directory on the field of fuel cells.
icon engine Hydro icon Solar icon Storage icon Wind icon Home Power Magazine Perhaps the best magazine in the field of renewable energy and sustainable living. Packed with real life examples and technical information. Current issues of the magazine can be downloaded from the internet. Many resources are highlighted in the web site.
Hydro icon Solar icon Wind icon HOMER is a free software application designed to aid power system designers in evaluating technology options.
Solar icon Photovoltaics: Design and Installation Manual  Published by SEI. Excellent 2004 publication.
Solar icon Solar Today A bi-monthly publication of the American Solar Energy Society.

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