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Deicing & Ice Detection Technology

Techniques for keeping instrumentation and other components free from ice are described. Often, this includes information on electric heaters. To conserve energy resources at remote sites, it is useful to apply deicing techniques only when icing conditions exist. Instruments for measuring icing conditions are described.

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LiCor Infrared Gas Analyzer Deicing Heaters

Minco flexible heaters have been applied to LiCor Infrared Gas Analyzers (IRGA) to melt ice that might form on the unit. The process for installing these heaters is described with photos at this Webpage . Until further details can be posted, please contact Roy Stehle ( ) for more information.

LiCor IRGA with deicing heaters

Goodrich Ice Detector

A Goodrich Model 0871LH1 Ice Detector has been deployed at Ivotuk, Alaska, for 4 years. It has been used to detect the formation of ice, so that deicing heaters could be activated on multiple instruments at the site. The site has limited power resources, so heater power is only applied when icing conditions exist.  This detector is now being sold by Campbell Scientific of Canada.

A new ice detector has recently been developed by New Avionics Corporation. The Ice*Meister was deployed at Ivotuk to test it's performance. Unfortunately, a bear visited the site just before icing occurred at the site and it destroyed the detector. It is uncertain when the detector can be replaced at this remote, unmanned site.

Deicing instrumentation summary