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Power Storage Technology

Primary and rechargable batteries are often used as a site's sole source of power or in conjuction with one or more of the available power generation technologies to provide a reservoir of continuous power to the load. Flywheels and ultracapacitors are new technologies that are finding their way as a replacement for rechargable batteries.

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Performance Tests

UNAVCO has published some results on battery performance tests of cold temperature on Gel and absorbed glass mat (AGM) cells. Full information on the testing and results can be found on UNAVCO's Website. While the tests were limited to one battery of each type, the results help to expand knowledge on battery performance at low temperatures. Manufacturer's literature is often limited to -30° C, while real world applications can see temperatures as low as -70° C.

UNAVCO battery test data

Recovery After Cold Exposure

Contrary to popular belief, in this limited test, the batteries did not exhibit
any large, permanant drop in capacity from exposure to extreme cold even
when fully discharged.

UNAVCO cold soak data

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