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Webcam Technology

Once a day or continuous visual monitoring of a remote site can be useful in interpreting data reports. It is also of high value to pilots who use it for planning flights to these sights not normally supported by weather observations.

Please be patient.  Much more data is available that needs to be formatted.

Campbell Scientific CC640 Webcam

The Campbell Scientific CC640 Webcam is a single position 640 x 480 pixel camera that is ruggedized for polar environments and interfaces well with their latest series of dataloggers.

Sony SNC-RZ30N PTZ Webcam

The Sony SNC-RZ30N pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) Network Camera is a commercial unit intended for security applications. It has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels in the NTSC version. This camera has been deployed at the North Pole, in Alaska, and in the Antarctic. Please stand by for more information to be posted.

Stardot Technologies Netcams

The Stardot Technologies Netcams are single position cameras that interface well to serial and Ethernet interfaces. They are available in three models from a 640 x 480 resolution to up to 3 megapixels. The units are ruggedized for polar environments. The Netcam MP consumes about twice the power of the Campbell Scientific CC640 when taking an image.